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037; requests(ish)

oh hai again♥ bored, so spam me with images and i shall icon :) not really requests because i'll do the pics i like, but feel free to give me as many images as you'd like. hq images preferred obviously ... so fire away! :D
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Hi from a year later? Lol I fail at keeping permamint up to date :( But anyways, just a couple of icons for you guys. Love to Kyuu for helping me with my image search♥

01 Shinwoo
02 korean fashion
03 絢香 (ayaka)
04 김범 (Kim Bum)
05 이하나 (Lee Ha Na)
06 송중기 (Song Joong Ki)
07 정수연 (Jessica Jung)
08 카라 (KARA)
09-10 나르샤 (Narsha)

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034; requests

Well ... yeah. I don't really think iconing's my thing anymore lmao, I can't say much for these icons. :(
Oh, if anybody's willing to zip their images folder for me though that would be awesome? :D I can't find many images these days ... apparently I fail at image digging too. Boo. :(

01-14 requests
15-16 models
17 上野樹里 (Ueno Juri)
18 蒼井優 (Aoi Yuu)

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Haven't posted in awhile & I'm too lazy to search for images (lmao), so I'm opening requests again. :D There's currently no limit, but I'll stop at around what I can finish max by the end of this weekend ... so post quickly |D?

+ 3 images max per user
+ HQ images only please
+ All icons will be shareable

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hihi i'm alive.

So apparently I have an addiction to making banners for layouts lately. Mmmm, so I just went ahead and changed the layout on permamint again. Anyways, I think it looks a lot better. :)

The header features Lee Yeon Hee and So Ji Sub from their short drama U-Turn. I hope you all enjoy the new eye candy. ;)
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Sorry I didn't make more icons over break ... I got slightly distracted by watching Legend of the Condor Heroes, lol. :(
Well I hope you guys all had a great holiday, and here's the first post of 2009! :)

01-05 requests
06-07 송승헌 (Song Seung Hun)
08-09 박용하 (Park Yong Ha)
10-11 박정아 (Park Jung Ah)
12 이연희 (Lee Yeon Hee)
13 김하늘 (Kim Ha Neul)
14 종형 (Jong Hyun)
15 창민 (Changmin)

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150 watchers!

exact, too! ;) ahaha. aww but thank you guys, i appreciate it♥ :D i know i haven't updated in awhile, so just letting you guys know i'm still alive. :) i'll be back into posting mode once my winter break comes around, so just a litttttle longer!

and omg blizzard4256 and zngnn i'm so so sorry about your requests, i promise i'll get them done once winter break comes around ;A;! i completely forgot. and i feel horrible. so if you want some to request a couple more icons i'll definitely be happy to do them for you guys. ♥